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Scrap Car Collection Cumbria

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How far north and how rural can you go to collect?

We can go as far north as Keswick and the A66 and we cover all rural areas in the Lake District

How quickly can you be here to collect my vehicle?

We collect from 8am-8pm, same day collections

Do I need to be at home or present when you collect?

It doesn’t matter if you're there or not, as long as we've arranged collection first

What happens if I have fluid leaking from my vehicle when you collect?

We carry spill kits in all our vehicles (equipment designed to deal with cleaning up dangerous substances as safely and efficiently as possible)

Who is legally/financially liable if my property or premises are damaged while while you're removing my vehicle?

We are fully insured

Are there any weathers you won’t collect in?

Sometimes due to our rural location, in snow and ice we don’t do collections

Are there any times of the year you aren’t available?

Scrap Car Collection Cumbria is available all year round

Am I liable if there’s an accident with my car after you take it?

No, it is our responsibility

Is there ever a vehicle you will not take because it’s in too much of a mess?

Not so far!

Do I need to give you the vehicle's keys? Anything else? 

Yes, you need to give us the keys and registration document

What happens if the brake is stuck on my vehicle?

We can still move it, not a problem

Do I need to prove the car is ‘scrap’ or a write-off officially?

We notify the DVLA ourselves

What do I do if I want to keep my car's registration number?

We always recommend customers contact the DVLA themselves if they want to retain their vehicle's registration number

How big a vehicle is too big for you to collect?

Usually anything over 20ft long is too big, otherwise, not a problem

Do you collect motorbikes? Bikes? Quadbikes and other farm vehicles? Electric cars?

Yes, we collect everything

What happens to my scrap vehicle once you take it away?

It is disposed of professionally

How do you get the vehicle off the premises - do I need to make sure you have space to park behind it?

Yes, we need access – we always discuss this before we collect your vehicle

How long will it take for you to collect and remove my vehicle?

The whole job usually takes no more than 15 minutes

Will you pay me in cash or bank transfer for my vehicle?

Cash or bank transfer, whichever you prefer

Do you collect from any institutions in Cumbria?

Yes, we collect from the National Trust, the Lake District National Park Authority, Forestry England

Is Scrap Car Collection Cumbria registered with the Environment Agency?

Yes, our business is registered with the Environment Agency

Is it registered with any other local bodies?

South Lakeland District Council

Do you buy used and still usable cars?

No, just ones destined for disposal

Do you collect any other scrap metal?

We collect farm scrap

How many vehicles can you take off a customer at one time?

We can take up to three vehicles in one collection

Can you take my car if I’ve lost my V5C?

As long as you can show us paperwork to prove you own the vehicle, yes we can take it away for you

Can I claim back road tax after you've collected it?

The DVLA will refund you any road tax you're owed after your car is scrapped. And you don't need to have your vehicle insured when we buy it from you

What is the most unexpected vehicle you’ve ever collected?

We once collected a Bentley!

What happens if your wagon gets stuck removing my vehicle?

We would get assistance

How many people should I expect to see on collection?

Just one person

What do you think makes your business better than some others locally?

We are very punctual and efficient


Scrap Car Collection Cumbria


Scrap Car Collection Cumbria